"During our time working together at TRW Automotive, Greg proved himself to be a technical expert and very capable leader. His efforts in VA/VE, Lean, benchmarking and other improvement efforts was invaluable to the organization and it's associates. He exhibited clear logic, focus and ambition in his responsibility, sometimes in very trying circumstances. I highly recommend Greg for his services."

Gordon Johnson Principal Value Engineer,
TRW Automotive
October 10, 2008



Value Management Program
A comprehensive Value Management agenda resulting in value improvement, cost reduction, and a change in company philosophy regarding future product competitiveness.

Product or Process Opportunity Assessment
A product or process review for possible cost reductions and value improvement. Proprietary analysis will give short term and long term improvement potential.

VAVE - Value Analysis Value Engineering
VAVE methodology is a systematic process used by a multi disciplinary team to improve the value of a project through the analysis of its functions resulting in value improvement.

DFMA - Design for Manufacturing/Assembly
Technique applied to manufactured products and processes to help determine the most cost effective, optimized design for manufacturing.

Product Tear Down Analysis - Benchmarking
Technique used to benchmark competitive products for function, materials, and manufacturing processes. We use a level playing field cost structure that enables decisions based on best value add when comparing competitive products.

Competitive Cost AnalysisSM
Financial analysis determining cost and profit differences between sourcing or manufacturing between regions, suppliers, and designs.

SAVE International Approved Value Methodology Fundamentals 1
SAVE International Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 Workshop 2018

Value Analysis Value Engineering (VAVE) One Day Course 2018

Supply Base Cost Improvement
We engage with your supply base to uncover opportunity. We bring solutions having reward for the supplier and customer alike. A stronger partnership yields constructive efficiencies by which financial improvement is uncovered.


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